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PerMagnus Lindborg: LW24 (2015)

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5 minutes, 14 seconds, 24/7 streaming

Available on 9 -13 September 2020



LW24 (2015), sculptural auditory display playing a sonification of the future climate in South-East Asia (2015–55). Twenty-four channel system consisting of synchronised fixed-media playback devices, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, custom-built loudspeakers, and large portable grid structure. Mixed materials.

LW24 was shown at the National Gallery of Singapore, Official selection for the Inaugural Exhibition in December 2015. In addition to being a standalone installation, it was featured in Scroll of Nanyang Ink (2015), live dance performance by ArtFission Dance Company choreographed by Angela Liong.

LW24 demo: 

LW24 is part of Locust Wrath series : 






Concept & Sonification: PerMagnus LINDBORG

Narration: Älvi Weiyu LINDBORG-KOH

Source data: Shie-Yui LIONG & TMSI, NUS

Construction: PerMagnus LINDBORG & YONG Rongzhao