Experiments in Art, Science and Ethology of the Art-Subject

8th – 12th September 2021, Wed – Sun



Maurice Benayoun (HK/FR)

Refik Anadol (US)

Nicolás Mendoza (CO)
Tobias Klein (HK/DE)


 The birth of the art-subject and its proliferation in the art world exemplifies a clear departure from traditional status of artworks as objects. It enables artists to explore divergent paths as artworks’ behaviors go beyond biomimicry and mirroring of human attitudes, making disjunctures a powerful means to interrogate different levels of social concerns and human beliefs.


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Value of Values

MoBen (HK),

Nicolás Mendoza (CO) & Tobias Klein (HK/DE)


Engaging BCI, EEG, real-time graphics, HuGAN, the Blockchain, and NFTs, VoV helps participants give shape to human values that are then converted to NFT tokens registered to the Blockchain. VoVs can be collected, bartered, and traded, generating transactional poetry. We can now see the values ranking on the market, speculate on their evolution, and observe how cultures affect the financial appreciation of human values.

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Refik Anadol (US) & MoBen (HK)


AI, interaction, behavioral design, generative graphics. DïaloG talks about immigration and alienation: What is it like to be a stranger? How do we learn to understand each other? 360 videos reveal the first encounter of two virtual aliens conceived by two artists, interacting with one another and the public.

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Power Chess

MoBen (HK)


Robotic arms, behavioral and sound design. Two robots try to figure out the logic that drives societal contentions. Leveraging the rules of chess as metaphor, strategic variants are tested to surface how forces of domination lead to systematic subjugation. Produced by the Neuro Design Lab, and commissioned by Focal-Naim, Power Chess is a collaboration with PerMagnus Lindborg, Vvzela Kook and RAY LC.