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12th September 2021, Sun on Zoom

6pm – 9am HKT II 12pm – 3pm CET


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 Pop by Hong Kong for a virtual drink with the Galactic media art community? 50% of what Festivals are about, is meeting friends and discovering new people, and this is what has been lost in the circumstances of the pandemic. But the technologically mediated routes, which we are forced to stick to, funnel us toward a more extensive intermixing of people who are usually distanced geographically, and culturally. 


The main aim of Garden Hong Kong this year is to capacitate such encounters of disparate worldviews, and we invite you to join us virtually with a glass of wine from the comfort of your own locations to co-create these casual, wine-infused dialogues. This year’s event is officially supported by Ars Electronica to build on last year’s quirky yet successful party, by actively connecting many gardens around the globe via this remote-sensory, on/offline experiment.


A select group of artists, curators, scholars, and engineers, will join us physically in the synergistic environment of Osage Gallery in Hong Kong, where various virtual links to other gardens and participants from around the world will be concocted to facilitate many little dialogues in more intimate ways. We cordially invite you to join us to be a part of this experimental party!








Event Curator: Maurice Benayoun & Lisa Park SoYoung
Curatorial assistant: Charlie Yip
Exhibition Curator: Ann Mak (HK)
Technical Artistry: Vvzela Kook
Lighting & Stage Management Advisor: Allen Fung*
Sound & Technical Advisor: Kampo Tze*
Technical Assistant: Marco Lui Lok
Technical Assistant:
Felix Hui Chun Yin 
Event Videography: Karlie Zhao Wenran
Event Assistant: Jiafan Weng
Event Assistant: Colin Wu

This event is generally sponsored by
Osage Art Foundation

ACIM, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
* Appearance by kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art