Art in the Cloud

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Panel Discussions

 8-11 Sept 2021, Wed – Sat

All panels are available via Zoom


Panel I: How Online Shapes Art?

Wed 8 Sept 4-6pm HKT

Panel IV: At the Edge of Reality

 Sat 11 Sept 2-4pm HKT


Online Exhibition

 8-12 Sept 2021, Wed – Sun




The development of media art and the online art space are both tightly enmeshed with technological innovations of their times. Art in the Cloud is a curatorial research that explores how the sudden growth of online art spaces contributes to the transformation of the presentation of media artworks. Specifically, we question how inherent characteristics such as interactivity and immersion shift in online exhibitions? How does today’s online space contribute to, or limit artistic creativity? What are some of the unexpected challenges artists have encountered? and what are some of the new potentials that emerge from the technological impediments we come across?

To facilitate the interfacing of alterities in search for unexpected synergies, we have invited artists and curators who are born or based in Hong Kong, then asked them to recommend one other artist or a curator, based on the differences in terms of artistic medium, cultural, or philosophical lineage. The 26 artworks will be viewable on our website throughout the festival, and an official screening and sharing of their works will take place on Zoom between the 8th and 11th September. Please join us to reflect on how art could be in line with the online.








Chair: Maurice Benayoun
Curator: Ann Mak
Panel coordinator: Sophie Zhang Yu Jia
Panel assistant: Charlie Yip