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Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space & Time

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10 minutes, 24/7 streaming

Available on 9 -13 September 2020, Wed – Sun


In this interdisciplinary media art exhibition, Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space and Time, twenty-three artists showcase how art and science are engaged in a rich and complex dialogue. We aspire to bring machine work and computational thinking into the domain of common knowledge. 

The exhibition is an effort to move beyond the focus upon perceptual experience alone in most media art shows. Instead, we want to “open the black box” – to reveal what is not seen. The assumptions behind the exhibition are that what makes media art interesting is the process of mediation, that is, the machine processes that lie between the maker’s deliberation and what we perceive and experience; and that knowledge of these processes enhances our appreciation and understanding of machine-made art. Algorithmic Art is a parallel event to Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art, 4-7 January 2019, at the School of Creative Media.





Project Advisor: Richard William ALLEN

Curator/Principal Researcher / Project Director: Linda Chiu-han LAI

Organizers: School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Venue: Hong Kong City Hall Central, Lower Block Exhibition Gallery