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6 Recorded videos of latest projects at SCM labs

Available on 12 -13 September 2020, Wed-Sun

24/7 streaming


Art in Labs was introduced by the Dean of School of Creative Media, CityU to facilitate latest projects at SCM.


Art in Labs I: Prof. Maurice Benayoun – Neuro Design Lab
Art in Labs II: Dr. Chris Sandor & Alvaro Cassinelli – XRL
Art in Labs III: Dr. Tobias KLEIN – The Material Lab
Art in Labs IV: Dr. Hector Rodriguez – Perceptron Lab
Art in Labs V: Dr. Kening Zhu- Multimodal Embodied Human-Computer Interface Research Group – meHCI
 Art in Labs VI: Dr. LAM Miu Ling- Robotic Lab, Demonstration of Impression Machine






Director: Alex NGAN
Project Manager: Ann MAK
Logistics: Malina SIU
Production Team: Malina SIU, Charlie YIP
Productor: SCM, NeuroDesign Lab, ACIM