Prof. Maurice Benayoun: Neuro Design Lab

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Available on 9 -13 September 2020, Wed-Sun


ITV by Richard Allen


Exploring the distance that separates Data and Matter, Sublimation and Reification, Values and Actions, Art and Facts, Finance and Ethics, Thought and Objects, the ND Lab investigates the possible convergence of apparently antagonist fields. The Brain Factory project aims to give shape to human abstractions through BCI (Brain Computer Interaction) leading to the reification of thoughts by 3D Printing. Value of Values connects the shapes of Human Values to the Blockchain, ready for transactions and collection. They become poetry and ethical statements. DïaloG, urban installation will allow two digital entities to understand each other and the world surrounding them. 

Tools are developed to give shape to human thoughts. The core of the project is the materialisation process called “reification” converting thought into objects. It aims to find out the real value of Human Values, from economy to transactional poetry. 

The Neuro Design Lab has been built as part of the ACIM lab, supported by the School of Creative Media CityU HK. It is part of MindSpaces S+T+Arts project, and MindSpaces HK.

Hong Kong Garden is an initiative by the Neuro-Design Lab.