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Tomas Laurenzo: Smile

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1 minutes,7seconds, 24/7 streaming

Available on 9 -13 September 2020


Smile, is a mixed-media installation consisting of a screen situated in a black box, mounted on the wall. The screen is black. However, when an interactor smiles at the installation, the drone-footage of the ruins of Gaza, digitally slowed-down by the artist, fades in. If the interactor stops smiling, the video stops. It only plays when the interactor widely smiles at it.

The installation reflects on the construction of a spectacle from otherwise dramatic news, as well as reflecting on the otherness and dehumanization of war.

The piece also explores on the power asymmetries that technology crystallises where spectators are forced to surrender to the imposed narratives. The piece aims to provide with a reflection on the aesthetics of our relationship with it, while simultaneously showcasing the advancements in computer vision and human-computer interaction.






Artist: Tomas LAURENZO