Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – David Rodríguez GIMENO

David Rodríguez GIMENO (Artist)

Gimeno was born in Huesca Spain in 1975. He holds an MA in fine arts in Valencia and a master degree in digital techniques and processes. He has developed works from mobile sculpture, to expanded cinema, through video photography and robotic installations. He has held exhibitions in museums such as Tainan Art Museum, Taiwan; Alcala 31, CDAN, España; Pavilion O2. Venice, Italy; KF Gallery. Seoul, Korea. He has received awards and residencies in Antarctica, Cinedans Holand, Madatac Espain, Osmosis Taiwan, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Video: Not What We Look At But From Where

Antarctica has been represented as a space without form.

This project focuses on how the representation of a place has to do with our expectations.

The representation systems are a mirror of the mental structures and built by interest.

This project also focuses on the search for the specific landscape, focusing on time, light, trajectory, and how these build up the image of the place.