Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – LIN Pey-Chwen

LIN Pey-Chwen (Artist, Curator)

Lin was born in Taiwan and received her doctorate degree of Creative Arts from University of Wollongong in Australia in 1995. She served as the professor and former head of Graduate School of Multimedia and Animation Arts in National Taiwan University of Arts. She is one of the pioneers of digital arts in Taiwan and has received many art awards including The First Prize of New Media Art in 2019 Italy XII Florence Biennial. Her achievements have been documented in many art journals, history books and art archives internationally.

Video: Making of Eve Clone II

Making of Eve Clone II extracts a wire-framed image of the merged faces of Eve Clone and the “Vitruvian Man” from “Making of Eve Clone I”. This interactive installation learns to mimic human facial expressions through audience participation. When viewers stand in front of the mobile phone, they will be surprised to find that the facial expression of Eve Clone is exactly the same as their own expression on the mobile phone screen. It is to criticize how technologies become the sky eye and possess the desire to create artificial life with human emotions.