Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – Jonathan KEMP

Jonathan KEMP (Artist) 

Kemp defracts technology in solo/collaborative material-gnostic outputs including workshops and performances, installations, experimental communicative systems, and social software events, executed across Australia, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and the US. Media art projects include Psychogeophysics, The Crystal World, and Shift/Register, all explorations of how the earth, technology and psyche under/overwrite and détourn each other, supported by international art-orgs and critically acclaimed in the literature.

Video: Untitled

Base-video is from a series of geology-of-computing performances where
early 19th century telegraph circuit technology was reconfigured. The
video has then been overlaid with amateur hand-crafted clunky
annotations using CVAT and Openshot and refers to a seminal book, ‘No
Internet, No Art’, where it is claimed that there cannot be contemporary
art production without the internet, even if on a trivial level.
However, just as the performance uses earth as a signal medium and
because ‘there is not software’ because its always machine-dependent,
then all communication networks, from telegraph to internet, are equally
always primarily niche-geo-material assemblies.