Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – Vvzela KOOK

Vvzela KOOK (Artist)

Kook is a new media artist based in Hong Kong. Kook’s works combine technology with her artistic practice to reproduce and convert urban cityscapes into an integrated virtual experience, guiding the audience on a cybernetic journey. The condensed textures in her works connect with multiple sensual levels in our perception and reintroduce the unexplored potential of video as a medium. The narrative plays an important role in her work, the transmedia storytelling is part of the artistic concept. Especially the mixing of delicate drawings, 3D printing and video game optics in her videos show the wide range of media and materials the artist uses to visually translate her research-based projects.

Video: Exhibition Confidential Records: Overwrite in CCTV

“This is a charming process of sterilisation. No more ideas, all you will know, is to enjoy the every benefit of the great Third Polar.”

I was transferred slowly out of the Reformation Room after remodelling. Just like everyone else. This was all captured by CCTV.

What else is captured by CCTV?