Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – Linda LAI

Linda LAI (Artist)

research-based interdisciplinary artist and Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media. founded Writing Machine Collective (2004 – ) and started her experiments in participatory art as the Floating Projects (2015 – ). The 368-page Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses (2021) she edited collects works and writings of 46 artists. 3 video zine issues “D-Normal/V-Essay” (2020.12-2021.06) encourage the re-invention of video essays. She was the HKADC’s Artist of the Year in Media Art 2017.

Video: Floating Projects and Participatory Art

Linda C. H. Lai initiated the Floating Projects (FP) in 2015 to launch her long-term research-experiment in participatory art. The question of survival, sustainability and principle of co-individuation remains at the core of Lai’s investigation.  FP is conceived as an interdisciplinary and intermedia practice of art-making in a collaborative environment and explores new models of art association beyond the commercial gallery system and public funds-dependent charity models. The two projects of ‘D-Normal/V-Essay’, a completely online video zine (since November 2020), and ‘Our Manifestos 2: Videography, Documentary Impulses’ (2018-2021), build cross-regional communities by using online communication platforms and take FP’s exploration of “participatory art” to a new height.