Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – Marco DONNARUMMA

Marco DONNARUMMA (Artist)

Donnarumma is an artist, performer, stage director and scholar weaving together contemporary performance, new media art and interactive computer music since the early 2000s. He manipulates bodies, creates choreographies, engineers machines and composes sounds, thus combining disciplines, media and emerging technologies into an oneiric, sensual, uncompromising aesthetics. He is internationally acknowledged for solo performances, stage productions and installations that defy genres, and where the body becomes a morphing language to speak critically of ritual, power and technology.

Video: Humane Methods [℧R]

℧R is a solo performance for a faceless body, AI algorithms, lights and the vibrational force of sound. Developed and produced by Fronte Vacuo as a new rhizome of the project Humane Methods, ℧R reflects on violence as a foundation of current algorithmic societies: a violence of instructions, of systems, of infrastructures created with the specific purpose of abusing all living beings. Such systems work through loops, organized repetitions of machines and of humans.

The piece takes the loop as a starting point to combine multi-sensorial stimulation with human-computer interaction and somatic practices to test the seeming impossibilities of bodily articulation and repetition.