Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – Joseph CHAN

Joseph CHAN (Artist)

Being a kinetic art artist is an uncommon practice in Hong Kong. Chan’s works often focus on three core elements – form, motion, and engineering ingenuity. Subjects of his creations include flying birds automatons, orrery, time machines, marble machines, transforming machines, and walking machines. His machines subtly reflect the influences of being lived in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, at a revolutionary time when science, art, and technology are full of discoveries, inventions, and wonders.

Video: Joseph Chan and His Machine

This is a video that illustrates some of my works, including some making-of. My machines often emerged from the inspirations all around me that intertwined with my own imaginations. And in the visual language of kinematics and forms, they later translated into reality through computer-aided design and engineering. The background chimes in the video were the sound of a tone-chimes machine I created for a musician years ago. Also the ambiance with some slight mechanical noises was recorded in my first solo exhibition.