Art in the Cloud

Art in the Cloud – TSENG Yu-Chuan

TSENG Yu-Chuan (Artist / Curator)

Artist, curator, and academic Tseng is a pioneer digital artist who has been pondering human existence in the digital age since 1998. In the 2003 solo exhibition Let’s Make Art at the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, she staged the first art show that employed instantaneous web-based interaction. Many media art and net art exhibitions have featured her work, such as Digital Vision 2005. Her curatorial practices on gender and digital culture were shown in the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington DC, off-spaces of DOX, in Prague.

Video: Jane-December 2020 

When I was a child, my English teacher gave me a name: Jane. Since then, this name seems to represent “I”. However, I can never find me when I search in google. I, as Jane, don’t exist in the digital world. The series of Digital Portraits-Jane started in 2013. The program searches photos with the tag “Jane” on the Flickr and creates portraits automatically every day. The original idea of portrait is the evidence of existence. But, the portraits of Jane are flowing, variable and changeable. The portraits present a synthesized Jane.