Art in the Cloud

Art In The Cloud – Vincent RUIJTERS

Vincent RUIJTERS (Artist)

PhD. Born 1988 in The Netherlands. Currently based in Tokyo. Ruijters focuses on the phenomenology of intimacy and ethnic identity. Through his art he explores how contemporaneity shifts and modifies these phenomena. In his work overstimulation, speed and coldness of contemporary systems clash with the artist’s need to cherish and express what is deeply human. Physicality, materiality, technology, interaction, and the sense of touch are fundamental elements of his practice.   

Video: Dynamics of Mass Connectivity 

This work is an interactive installation with three displays revolving on a pole axis. Each monitor shows video conversations the artist had with friends and family living across the globe. The work contemplates the phenomena of the virtual communication engrained in our daily life experience. Compared to physical communication, virtual communication has different interval and proximity dynamics. This work aims to show the ‘Intimate Dissonancy’ and noise caused by this shift. It is also an expression of the struggle of self-perception for someone with mixed ancestry or a complex identity. A struggle of simultaneously viewing something fractioned as singular.

Video: Azusa Matsuda

Sound Design: Hideki Umezawa

Programming: Jinwoong Kim

Monitor video: René te Riele