Art in the Cloud

Art In The Cloud – Elaine WONG

Elaine WONG (Artist)

lives and is based in Hong Kong. She received her Master of Fine Art (Creative Media) from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. With a background in fine arts painting, she regards her practice as an investigation of the potentials of art beyond representation, its relation to sensation, documentation and experience. Her interest in the experiential quality of works leads her to engage in experiments with videography, sound and media installations.

Video: Flying Taxi 

Flying Taxi is part of video work Days of Swimming in the Garden. The work is a world of physical and mental experience of being in Hong Kong. The sound and images are deterritorialized from their signifying functions and figurative forms of travelling routines to actualize a world that is to be sensed, experienced, and felt. Flying Taxi explores the possibility to unfold the reality by expanding our range of senses beyond our naked perception during a taxi ride at midnight.