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Art In The Cloud – Viola YIP

Viola YIP (Artist)

A Native of Hong Kong, Viola YIP is an experimental composer, performer and sound artist. Her work has been focusing on developing musical instruments and performances that explore materiality, performativity, relationality, affect and the human-machine relationships between the digital and the analog worlds.  Viola’s work has been presented in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Beijing and Malaysia.

Video: BULBBLE (Excerpt) 

​​Bulbble is a self-built audiovisual electro-mechanical instrument that allows the performer’s musical body to enact performances that connect the sonic, visual (lights and shadows) and performative relationships between light bulbs, shadows, relays, controller, and the performer’s body.  The mechanical relays form the basis of the piece; their percussive sounds and the modulated pitch forms a rich and yet focused sonic palette of the piece. When the lights are turned on or off, or dimmed, the shadows and their overlaps in different shades will be performed along with the performer’s gestures and the performing space as visual counterpoints.  This video is created specifically for the online NUNC!4 conference at Northwestern University.