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Art In The Cloud – Jeffrey GEIRINGER

Jeffrey GEIRINGER (Artist)

Geiringer (they/them) is an artist and technologist working at the forefront of 3D-space generative Machine Intelligence methods. Their work is centered around questions of iconography, identity, self-reflection, and the dubious value of nationalism. Their current body of work partners with a Machine skillset to combine objects into new sculptural icons. A recent immigrant to Hong Kong from New York City, Jeffrey has found their new environment to be a daily source of inspiration.

Video: Object Americana NFT Compilation [Unminted]

2020 was a wrenching year for us all. In the midst of the long, hot, quarantine summer, I learned of the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens and was happy to prepare my central body of work for ‘minting.’ The romance was doomed; a series of exposés showed normal blockchains to be horribly carbon-heavy. As an artist who tries to center ethics in my work, it was unacceptable for me to continue. There is hope yet! In the form of low-carbon NFT protocols and new communities springing up around them.