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Art In The Cloud – Joanna HOFFMANN

Joanna HOFFMANN (Artist / Curator)

Hoffmann is a Professor at the University of Arts in Poznań, and leader of the Studio for Transdisciplinary Projects & Research (WEAiK/UAP). She is also co-founder and Chair of the Art & Science Node in Berlin. Her artistic works have been widely presented in venues such as the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Warsaw; the Science Museum/DANA Centre and MOCA in London; Transmediale Festival and European Patent Office in Berlin; MUSE New York. She was the Artist of Honour of the XII Florence Biennale and was awarded the medal Gloria Artis by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland.

VR /360 o S-video/ AR app 

Video: RhiZone: [ PapiLLa ]  

Soundscape: Andre Bartetzki, Programmer: Arkadiusz Rataj  RhiZone: [ PapiLLa ] was inspired by natural symbiotic systems of the rhizosphere and Wood Wide Web. It questions how our identity will change when the Internet of Things turns into the Internet of Minds, in the world where organic and inorganic systems will merge into a new hybrid form of data processing. RhiZone: [ PapiLLa ] is  an imaginative organ of a new cyber symbiosis. The title refers to biological nodular formations associated with senses of touch, taste or smell, and to root organs of symbiosis between plants and bacteria. Let’s imagine our world as a rhizosphere, the big network of small worlds, based on diversity, symbiosis and interdependence. Our smallest actions, and even thoughts, affect its well-being.